Synchron Voice and Video Partners with Clarity Legal

Synchron to Integrate with Clarity Legal Applications

MINNEAPOLIS, July 25, 2013 – Minneapolis-based Synchron Voice and Video, and New Orleans, LA-based Clarity Legal, LLC have announced a partnership to make synchronized transcript files produced by Synchron compatible with Clarity Legal software. This integration will assist court reporters, litigation support firms, law firms and their corporate law department clients as they work with media files and corresponding transcripts. Synchron delivers video transcript synchronization services to the legal industry. Clarity Legal develops trial preparation and trial presentation software for legal organizations.

Synchron expanded its delivery format options to include the Clarity Legal .clt document format. Synchron video-transcript synchronization clients may request this format for one-step import into Clarity DepoSmart and Clarity TrialSmart, and other Clarity Legal products.

As a provider of the Clarity Legal .clt format, Synchron will produce audio/video synchronized transcripts that can be instantly imported into Clarity Legal software products, without requiring any conversion process. The .clt transcript format provides greater compatibility with litigation software because clt files work on 3 platforms including Clarity Legal’s mobile platform.

“Clarity Legal gives legal professionals the tools to help settle or win the case and Synchron helps simplify the process of getting there,” states Michael Schonwetter, president of Synchron Voice and Video. “Users of both DepoSmart and TrialSmart can effortlessly load, review and use synchronized video depositions. I think Clarity Legal’s clients will embrace this new service and technology integration between two quality companies.”

Clarity Legal TrialSmart also allows users to browse to where Synchron’s .clt transcript file is stored and instantly add it to their selected case. Once imported, users can associate the video files to the transcript and begin creating video clips, designations, impeachment clips or other more general features such as printing, querying, and reporting.

About Synchron Voice & Video

Synchron is devoted to producing the highest quality synchronized transcripts by using state-of-the-art signal processing, speech recognition, automation and hand proofing. Synchron can synchronize transcripts, videos, depositions, 911 calls, phone tapes, surveillance tapes and interviews to almost any media and deliver it in most litigation support software formats. For more information call 952.920.1092 or visit

About Clarity Legal, LLC

Clarity Legal provides software and services to the Legal market. Call (504) 267-1469 or visit

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