Mac SyncUploader

Synchron introduces SyncUploader for Mac OS X

Synchron brings the easiest way to synchronize to the Mac.  Now you can produce sync files for Windows users without leaving your Mac.

Mac SyncUploader looks and acts much the same as the Windows version. Once you sign in you can submit numerous jobs in rapid sequence, and let Synchron do the work.

The streamlined interface calculates and displays total media duration and total job costs based on your choice of service.

The Macintosh version takes advantage of multi-core CPUs and allows you to simultaneously process and submit numerous media files.  All you need is an M1, M2 or Intel based Mac and internet access.

As always when each job is complete you’ll receive an email letting you know you can retrieve the finished work with SyncUploader.

If you’re already a customer you can download your copy directly from from here.

If not already a customer, simply register here and download your free copy.  Charges are based on the duration of media that you synchronize — no upfront costs or blocks of time — simply pay as you go.