• “I have been using Synchron to take care of our deposition
    synchronization needs since 2004.  Their program is extremely easy to
    use, turn around is quick and the quality is great.  I am so glad that we found Synchron!”

    Laura Martinez
    Sr. Consultant\Video Production
    F T I – Houston

  • “I have used Synchron’s SyncUpLoader for many years.   I went to Synchron looking for a solution to create captioned media files.  I was able to speak directly to Michael and Ben, explain what I needed, and in a matter of days they returned to me a solution that cut my prior costs in half.   Their solution is easy, efficient, and failproof.  I recently needed another type of captioned media file.  Synchron answered my emails the same day, and by the next day we had a solution that would work for my client.  I refer many of my colleagues to Synchron because I know without a doubt Synchron will get the job done.  I am so thankful I found Synchron!”

    Denise Phipps
    Captions Unlimited

  • “I’ve been using Synchron for years and have been very pleased with the service, doubly so now that there’s a Mac version of the SyncUploader software.  The utilitarian interface is simple and works well.  The auto-sync results are very fast and the proofed jobs usually come much faster than the promised times.  Recently I accidentally missed 1 of 6 video files in a deposition I uploaded for syncing and a few minutes later I got an email asking about it and we got it corrected quickly… speedy effective customer service when you don’t even know you need it is awesome.  Thanks for the great work over the years.”

    Dan Burton, CLVS
    Court Videographer Services, Inc.

  • “Synchon’s service is first-rate.  Files are always delivered in a timely manner (usually quicker than timely!), and when you need help Michael and Ben are always there to help you immediately.  It’s clearly a business run by professionals who understand not only the technology, but also how to best serve their customers.”

    Stephen Statler, CLVS
    Eureka Street Legal Video

  • “Our experience with Synchron has been exceptional.  Their SyncUploader is very easy to use and their service is quick and accurate.  They will conveniently provide you with any sync format you wish and their turnaround time consistently exceeds our expectations.  Their service is superb as well.  When you have a problem they are very quick to respond.  For a hassle free, accurate and timely processing of your video and synching I would highly recommend Synchron Voice and Video.”

    Diarmuid Truax
    Litigation Technology Consultant
    Truax Trial Technologies

  • Synchron has totally automated the way we sync depos – I can hand it off and have it back within minutes on our shorter jobs.  I can also manually track the job progress or watch my email for completed jobs with “quality” numbers attached.  We use Synchron because they have the products and the customer service that keeps our demanding clients in the “happy happy zone”.

    Brad Lipetz
    Benchmark Video Depositions of SF, CA
    1-800-VIDEO DEPO

  • “I have used Synchron for the last 6 years for all my departments synchronization.  Completed transcripts come back to me before I can put them all in to the SyncUploader.  Michael and his group respond immediately anytime there is a hang-up or an issue with bad mpeg file or a transcript error.  You will not find another company that is quicker or more customer service oriented than Synchron in this field.”

    Brett Lane
    Director of Trial Presentation Services
    Legal Concierge, Inc.

  • “I just had a client ask for transcript to audio sync. The audio came from voice mail and depo tapes. Synchron had it done in a couple hours. Incredible service. They even fixed a screwed up transcript file so it could be synched easier.”

    David MacDonald
    Athos Legal Video