Our core service is preparing synchronized transcripts for depositions. You provide us with your transcript and matching media. We return a synchronized file in your choice of formats. We offer a free tool, SyncUploader, to send the work, track its progress, and retrieve the finished work.  We synchronize for a wide variety of applications in addition to legal depositions; seminars, webinars, in-house training, YouTube videos, and captioning synchronized for ADA Section 508 compliance.

AutoSync is our fastest and least expensive option for sync.

This automated system will recognize the spoken content of your file, and match it up with the transcript automatically.

Our proprietary technology can adapt to each individual media file to achieve the most accurate sync possible. If the confidence level is below 90% a new acoustic model will be built adapted specifically to that media segment, and the job will be automatically reprocessed to try to improve the score.

When complete you’ll receive an email with the details of the job. SyncUploader will download the finished work to your computer.

easyQC: Quality Control made easy. If you want the ultimate in accuracy, you can use our easyQC service.

Sometimes there are factors that cause errors in the AutoSync. With easyQC, our experienced proofing staff will listen, read along, and mark by hand the time of each uncertain line of text. Common situations that may benefit of from easyQC are files with people talking over each other, loud coughing, poor quality audio signal, inaccurate transcript, background music, inarticulate speakers, and depositions with a translator present.

With easyQC our experienced staff will hand stamp every line of the file where the automated system was uncertain. You can choose your committed turn-around time: Rush, 1-day, 2-day, or 3day service is available. This cost is as little as an additional $3/media hour for this valuable service.

Be smart about how you use your time and let us handle the manual time-stamping.