Manual Proofing for Maximum Quality Assurance

Manual proofing is an extension of the AutoSync process. After the transcript has been synchronized, lines which have been identified by the AutoSync process as “trouble spots” are manually proofed and time stamped.

Synchron can manually proof synchronized transcripts for an additional charge over the AutoSync cost, or you can do it yourself, using the free Synchronizer software. The Synchronizer takes you directly to trouble spots, which makes manual proofing quick and easy.

What is the turnaround time?

If you use SyncUploader, turnaround time for AutoSync is within 24 hours of receipt of the files. Our average turnaround is currently 3.5 hours. Customers who send tapes should allow for an additional day or two to complete the encoding process. If you are requesting manual proofing, an additional day or two will be added to the turnaround time.

Synchron currently has the capacity to AutoSync over 400 hours per day. Our architecture is highly scalable, and we continue to add resources as demand for AutoSync grows.

How much does AutoSync and AutoSync with Manual Proofing cost?

Fees are based on the duration of the media. The rate for AutoSync is $12.50 per media hour. The service is pay as you go — there is no software to buy, and no requirement to pre-purchase blocks of time. If you are intrested in manual proofing contact Synchron for a quote.