Basket of fixes and enhancements

We’ve introduced lots of new bug fixes enhancements:

Time Scaling change – This minor change keeps the time information on precise track for longer files.

New Chunk Process – Again, mainly benefiting longer files, this change speeds up the pre-recognition processing. Especially for longer files. Also has a small benefit to recognition accuracy for files of all durations.

New DP approaches – Change to how post-recognition alignment is handled. Dramatic recognition accuracy benefits for very short files. Also benefits files of longer durations. This change a bit more processing power (time) but the better result makes it worthwhile.

Acoustic Adaptation Gains – This change is still pending deployment, but will allow us to capture more of the improvements that acoustic adaptation gives for low scoring jobs.

MacSynchronizer Player – Fixes a bug in the search box in MacSynchronizer, adds stability and increases search speed. For the next update we’re working on a preferences setting to handle slight (320ms) start time delay in OS X core audio playback.

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