YouTube Captions – Conference Presentation Captions

Synchronized Captions for Internet Video

Looking for accurate captions displayed along with your video on the web?

Let Synchron help you prepare the files you need to make it happen.

Using SyncUploader (register and download it free here) you can submit your media and transcript and Synchron will prepare and optionally manually proof your synchronized transcript in SRT format.  You can then upload this as a caption file to your YouTube video.

If you have video you want to present outside of YouTube using your own custom Flash video client, we can deliver the synchronized transcript as a Flash XML caption file.  This is one of the many formats that you can select from the SyncUploader Deliver Options menu.

Steps to get YouTube Captions:
1. Prepare your video for upload to YouTube
2. Prepare your transcript (as ASCII Text file)
3. Download and Install SyncUploader
4. Send your job via SyncUploader
5. Upload your video and caption file to YouTube.

Keep in mind that (as of the time this is written) Google limits YouTube posts to no longer than 15 minutes.  However you can request an increased limit.  Here is a help article that describes uploading longer videos.

YouTube does offer an automatic speech-to-text caption, however if you’ve ever seen it, you’ll know their transcription is full of errors.  For this reason we suggest using a transcription service to prepare an accurate transcript.

Synchronized Captions can benefit a wide variety of internet video:
Corporate Training
Government Meetings
Conference Talks
Seminar Presentations
Annual Meetings
Marketing Videos
Internet Advertising

Synchron can help you increase the clarity and impact of your video with on screen captions.


Caption Transcript Tips:

If you’re going to type the transcript yourself, here are some tips to keep your document in a standard format.  This will help with the processing and display of your captions.

– Document Type: Keep is simple.  Plain ASCII text is what we require.  If you are using MS Word, or OpenOffice, when you are done, just save the document as ASCII.

– Speaker IDs:  When a new person starts talking start a new line, and type their name in ALL CAPS followed by a colon, eg,

JOE STRUMMER:   This is an example.

– Line breaks:  You only need to put hard line breaks (carriage returns) between speaker turns, and where you want to be sure a given caption will start on a new line.  Otherwise, Synchron will automatically break caption lines trying to keep sentences complete and not leave orphaned words or short lines.  Let us know if you don’t like our default line break scheme, we can modify your profile to your custom preferences.

If you want help preparing the transcript there are a number of options.  For accuracy we suggest using transcriptionists that speak English as a first language.  Although you can find lower cost off-shore transcription companies, the accuracy of the transcript suffers significantly.

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