Synchron Voice & Video Doubles AutoSync Processing Capacity

Demand for Internet-based Synchronization is on the Rise
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – May 24, 2004 – Synchron Voice and Video, a Minneapolis-based company that provides video transcript AutoSync services, manual synchronization, video encoding and audio processing services to the legal industry, announced today that they have expanded operations and doubled their AutoSync processing capacity. Synchron now has the capability to AutoSync over 400 hours per day.

“Synchron’s architecture is very flexible and additional technology and resources will be employed as demand for the service rises to a new high,” states Michael Schonwetter, president of Synchron Voice and Video. “After using Synchron’s AutoSync services, I have watched some of our clients go from using zero video depositions a year ago to vowing to use it on every case. This is proof that using our service is easy, beneficial, and, most importantly, a powerful source of persuasion for litigators.”

AutoSync is the process of synchronizing a deposition transcript and MPEG media files. Clients send the unprocessed files to Synchron via a secure Internet portal. Synchron processes the files and sends back a completely synchronized and loadable file to the client. Synchron delivers the synchronized transcript in formats compatible with the most popular trial presentation software applications such as Sanction II, TrialDirector, and RealLegal Binder. Clients will be able to review, annotate, redact, and create video clips for litigation.

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About Synchron Voice & Video
Synchron is devoted to producing the highest quality synchronized transcripts by using state-of-the-art AutoSync processing, signal processing, speech recognition, automation and hand proofing. Synchron also offers forensic audio services including noise reduction and speech clarification. Synchron can synchronize transcripts, videos, depositions, 911 calls, phone tapes, surveillance tapes and interviews to almost any media and deliver it in most litigation support software and trial presentation packages. For more information call (800) 769-2858 or visit their Web site

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