Synchron Voice & Video Launches Synchronizer

Trial Presentation Software for Litigation Support

MINNEAPOLIS, March 16, 2004 – Minneapolis-based Synchron Voice and Video, a Minneapolis-based company that provides video transcript AutoSync services, manual synchronization, video encoding and audio processing services to the legal industry, announced today the release of Synchronizer, a trial presentation software that allows users to review, annotate, highlight and create video clips from synchronized video transcripts.

“The Synchronizer gives legal professionals the tools to easily work with synchronized video depositions,” states Michael Schonwetter, president of Synchron Voice and Video. “Not only will our customers appreciate how easy it is to use the Synchronizer software, but they are ensured that they will receive the best and most accurate video and audio synchronization services in the legal market today.”

The Synchronizer can be used for many types of evidence including transcripts, videos, depositions, 911 calls, phone tapes, surveillance tapes and interviews. Users can simultaneously play the audio, video and show the text of what is being said. This helps people understand the difficult to hear or difficult to understand parts of the audio. The Synchronizer is free and can be downloaded from Synchron’s web site,, or by installation from a CD-ROM.

Features and functions of the application are:
· Line-by-line, word by word, or three-line highlighting
· Create clips by highlighting text and save them in the Clip List Manager
· Full screen presentation capability
· Export clips as SAMI, as one-line or three-line captions
· Email clips and use Windows Media Player to view the video and transcript
· Save timestamped transcripts in various popular formats (ASCII, XML, etc.)
· Suppress text and video, such as sustained objections, by highlighting
· Dual video monitor support
· Adjust media playback speed

About Synchron Voice & Video
Synchron is devoted to producing the highest quality synchronized transcripts by using state-of-the-art AutoSync processing, signal processing, speech recognition, automation and hand proofing. Synchron also offers forensic audio services including noise reduction and speech clarification. Synchron can synchronize transcripts, videos, depositions, 911 calls, phone tapes, surveillance tapes and interviews to almost any media and deliver it in most litigation support software and trial presentation packages. For more information call (800) 769-2858 or visit their web site

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