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Synchronizer: Synchronized Media Playback and Presentaion

Synchron is excited to offer at no charge the Synchronizer player application.  This FREE application allows you to take advantage of the high precision word level time stamps that only Synchron can provide.  Synchronizer is an easy-to-use application for trial preparation and trial presentation of synchronized video.  Synchronizer allows you to prepare clips by simply selecting the text you are interested in and right-clicking.  You can redact objections by selecting the text you want suppressed and right-clicking.  You can search for key words in the transcript and jump immediately to the correlating sections of the video.  Enter the full screen presentation mode for uncluttered presentation of media and synchronized transcript.  Synchronizer even supports dual monitor configuration so you can control the application on your desktop and present full-screen on a projector.  The Synchronizer player has features and functionality that leaves other free players in the dust.

For Windows:

Synchronizer: Synchronized Media Player for Windows


For Mac OS X:

Check out a brief overview on YouTube:
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Synchronizer for Mac OS X

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