Why should I synchronize?

Unbeatable impeachment of witnesses.

Video synchronization enables you to rapidly locate key deposition testimony – link directly to the video, audio, and transcript text.

Easy redaction of sustained objections in depositions.

Now you can have control. Because the transcript and video are synchronized, you can select the portion of testimony that you do or do not want to play.

Jump directly from any point in transcript to corresponding video testimony.

Both at trial, and in preparations, the ability to easily and quickly preview testimony by selecting text from the transcript will be a big time saver.

No messing with tapes and VCRs at trial.

Display the video directly onto courtroom screens from a laptop PC.

Instant seamless access to deposition video, audio and transcript text right from your laptop.

Store the video on CD-ROMs or on laptop hard-disk.

MPEG1 compressed digital video is portable, convenient, and easy to catalog.

Impact of testimony is enhanced by having transcript text on-screen.

Audio-only testimony will be compelling by having scrolling text on screen in sync with the audio.

Synchronization is useful for many types of evidence: 911 calls, Phone Tapes, Surveillance Tapes, Interviews.

Provoke a favorable settlement by showing video clips of compromising testimony to opposing counsel.

Present evidence most persuasively during trials, mediations, and arbitrations.

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