Basket of fixes and enhancements

We’ve introduced lots of new bug fixes enhancements:

Time Scaling change – This minor change keeps the time information on precise track for longer files.

New Chunk Process – Again, mainly benefiting longer files, this change speeds up the pre-recognition processing. Especially for longer files. Also has a small benefit to recognition accuracy for files of all durations.

New DP approaches – Change to how post-recognition alignment is handled. Dramatic recognition accuracy benefits for very short files. Also benefits files of longer durations. This change a bit more processing power (time) but the better result makes it worthwhile.

Acoustic Adaptation Gains – This change is still pending deployment, but will allow us to capture more of the improvements that acoustic adaptation gives for low scoring jobs.

MacSynchronizer Player – Fixes a bug in the search box in MacSynchronizer, adds stability and increases search speed. For the next update we’re working on a preferences setting to handle slight (320ms) start time delay in OS X core audio playback.

Faster, Much Faster

Synchron has re-engineered our processing workflow to take advantage of parallel processing.  The benefit to you is much faster AutoSync processing — as much as 10x faster than our previous rate.  Jobs are processed in our server banks with over 50 CPUs available for processing.  The result is rapid, robust, recognition.

More Accurate Recognition

Thanks to a lot of hard work we are pleased to announce a dramatic improvement in overall accuracy.  Our latest set of enhancements to our server based recognition platform is producing files with 25% less errors than previously possible!

Synchron Deploys Automatic Adaptation

The best just got better… Synchron has deployed a ground-breaking new system that dynamically generates new acoustic models on-the-fly.  Our proprietary technology can adapt to each individual media file to achieve the most accurate sync possible.   If the confidence level is below 90% a new acoustic model will be built, adapted specifically to that media segment, and the job will be automatically reprocessed to try to improve the accuracy.  This new approach has resulted in a 36% reduction in error rate for jobs receiving adaptation.

Precise times for TrialDirector users

Synchron has deployed a new improved method for creating synchronized depositions for use with InData TrialDirector. Our new process uses millisecond precision to produce an improved export file. This compared with previous files which had line times rounded to the nearest second. The new .cms files are more precise and more accurate than ever before.

LiveNote Format Update

Synchron has deployed updated method for creating synchronized depositions for use with LiveNote.  Our new process process is compatible with the latest versions of LiveNote.

Accelerated WMV / WMA processing

SyncUploader can now process Microsoft WMV and WMA media files faster than ever.  We’ve streamlined the handling of WMV and WMA media so you can rip through your SyncUploads faster than ever.

SyncUploader supports more video formats

A recent update to SyncUploader has expanded the types of source media you can submit for synchronization.  In addition to the broad array of formats already supported, SyncUploader can now support Flash video (FLV) and MPEG-4 video (MP4).  Please note – you will still need to be sure that your playback platform can accommodate the media format that you choose.